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Professionalism and presentation makes the difference when live streaming. Photo by Jeff Achen

I used to work for a TV station. I was the editor of a weekly newspaper. Now, I’m living in both worlds. I’m an online editor and multimedia journalist. Of all the tools that seem to bridge the gap between broadcast and print journalist, live streaming has to be the most revolutionary.

Today, any one person, let alone any given news organization, can broadcast video live out over the internet using live streaming services such as or for the cost of a simple video camera, laptop and a few video cables and accessories. The ubiquity of broadcasting power brings with it a lot of trash that clogs the Internet. This is where journalists have the opportunity, and I would argue the responsibility, to more contentiously and professionally harness the medium.

Here are a few considerations:

1) Set it up right. Ensure your brand, your logo and you organization’s live stream account looks good. allows you to upload a variety of logos to various positions like a 300×300 logo, 960×80 banner, and 300×250 promo image. Take the time to ensure these are uploaded and that your “channel” looks good. It will say a lot about the professionalism of your news service. (more…)