3D is the next step in pro videography

Posted: September 1, 2009 in News Videography
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At our monthly Minnesota Professional Videographer’s Association meeting last night we heard from Panasonic rep Steve Johnson who very briefly touched on the advancement of 3D camera technology in the works at Panasonic. It’s pretty exciting stuff. But will it have implications for news video?

photo via Panasonic.com

photo via Panasonic.com

Too soon to tell. However, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t have some sort of impact. Whenever new video technlogy enhances the viewer experience, news videographers have to wake up and pay attention. The demand for high def didn’t stop after the football game. Viewers are being sold on the idea that high def is what they need no matter what they’re viewing to enrich the experience. 3D is bound to have the same effect.

The idea of amateur, semi-pros being able to afford and shoot 3D is pretty astonishing in and of itself. I can bet viewers will want news video in 3D for a variety of applications. A tour of a local haunted house during Halloween. A video of the new dolphin exhibit at the zoo. I know I could get pretty creative with news video in 3D.

Now, question is, will my viewers have to wear those dorky glasses?

  1. Leo says:

    exactly my point…why would I like to wear those 3d glasses every time I watch a 3d video…?

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