Slideshow with Blackberry audio

Posted: September 8, 2009 in News Videography, Photography
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I took my family to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Labor Day and decided to shoot from photos and capture audio for a post for my newspaper. The photos turned out great, but I had to make due with audio captured using my Blackberry’s “voice note” application. I had failed to plan ahead and bring a better recorder with me. Nevertheless, the audio didn’t sound all that bad and gave my otherwise silent slideshow a little zing.

Managing the workload of taking photos and capturing audio, all the while pushing my little girl around in the stroller, wasn’t easy, but certainly doable. I took a few minutes before or after snapping a few shots to press record on my Blackberry and catch some of the music and dialogue. Unfortunately, an interview I did with two participates/characters from the festival didn’t turn out. Evidently I pressed stop when I thought I was pressing record. Lesson learned: know how to use your equipment and check it twice.


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