Nano-sized video could be big competition for your newsroom

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Uncategorized
Hello Nano. The next video camera to break the big story?

Hello Nano. Apple's arming the world with video cameras, how 'bout your newsroom? Photo by Apple, Inc.

Just heard the news that iPod’s newest incarnation of the Nano has video.

Though I’m not expecting news videographers to start shooting with the iPod Nano, I hope news organizations realize the creeping implications of video proliferation. More and more people are running around with video cameras in their pockets, ready to video tape and post images at a moment’s notice.

Makes me rather annoyed when editors/managers dismiss the notion of arming each of their reporters with video cameras like the Flip or Sony Webbie HD becuase of “budgetary constraints”, or when reporters complain about having to report AND shoot photos AND shoot video. Too much to carry I guess.

News organizations better start arming their each and every one of their reporters/photographers and editors, heck even the receptionist, and train them on the use of video. Apple seems to be taking care of the rest of the population.


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