The story through video

Posted: September 17, 2009 in News Videography
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I completed a feature video for on the Society of Creative Anachronism, a group that dresses in medieval garb and re-enacts fights as well as life in the middle ages. When originally assigned the story, the print reporter suggested video of the guys fighting.

Grown men hitting each other always goes over well on the internet.

But, as a storyteller, I decided to take it a step further. I wanted to know what drives these guys. How do they get that cool armor? Why do they spend their time doing this fantasy stuff?

Meet Chuck Davis, armorer.

I let Chuck tell my audience about why this is much more “real” to him than many of the jobs he’s done in the real world. We learn what it is these guys do, and why and we see it from the perspective of a guy we can relate to. Producing videos like this is always time consuming (1 hr. out shooting them fight; 1.5 hrs. at Chuck’s home/shop; 5 hrs. post production), but worth it to tell a real story instead of just showing guys fighting.


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