Livestreaming aims to replace the satellite truck

Posted: September 24, 2009 in News Videography
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Photo by Livestream.

Photo by Livestream.

Livestream has announced the “Livepack”. It’s a self-contained HD streaming solution with built-in wireless connection, encoder, battery and touch screen. It uses 3G network technology to allow videographers to live stream video from any location in extremely high quality.

This technology is still in its infancy and stands to replace out-dated and costly forms of live coverage like the satellite truck. As broadcast, print and online media converges, so too does the internet and television. Soon they’ll be indistinguishable. is already working to partner with TiVo and NBC to bring online video programming to television sets throughout the country. That will hasten the departure of the satellite truck. Some news stations are already using live streaming technology and Skype to strengthen their live coverage reach, like’s Oscar Valenzuela.

I’m seeing video transform news organizations of all stripes. Here at my community newspaper group we’ve started a video podcast public affairs program, a newscast, regular videos and we’ve even dabbled with live streaming. And we’re still very much a weekly print newspaper. Many news organizations, like Times Media (St. Cloud Times newspaper/, have re-branded in preparation for the inevitable and are calling themselves information companies, not newspaper companies.

Photo by Livestream

Photo by Livestream

That kind of shift will make Livestream’s technology desirable to more than just the proprietors of satellite trucks. Soon all news organizations will have on staff a beefy 20-something chugging around town halls forums, fire scenes and local sporting events with a “livepack” and a video camera. Of course, as with the evolution of the cel phone, I’m hoping that in 5-10 years we won’t need the backpack.

What’s it cost?

The “Livepack” is available directly from Livestream for monthly or yearly rental. $2,500/month plus shipping for no commitment month-to-month rental or $1,500/month plus shipping for 12 month commitment. The Livestream account is free and the rental includes 30 hours of streaming uplink time per month with all 3G telecom charges included.

For more info, check it:


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