Wishlist item #240: Cinemin Swivel

Posted: September 29, 2009 in News Videography
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It’s undeniable. Video can go anywhere.

Check out the Cinemin Swivel. It’s just one of the latest in ultra-portable, mini-projectors. It has a 90 degree hinge that makes it easy to project on any surface without having to prop it up or use a tripod. It can project a 60 inch image from 8 feet away. It is compatible with a ton of devices like the iPhone, digital cameras, and iPods. Built in speakers and plug ins for external audio give you lots of options. And, it’s not much bigger than a Blackberry Bold/Palm Pre/iPhone, just a little thicker.

It won’t be long before this kind of technology is another feature on your cel phone or iPod.

The portability of video is just another mile marker for the revolution in the way people consume news and information. The paperback and newspaper used to have the corner on the “portability” market, but with advances in affordable, portable technology like the Cinemin Swivel and iPhone, that advantage is fading. Once again, journalists need to ask themselves, what does this revolution mean for the future practice of their profession.

Clearly it means covering stories through video, audio as well as the written word. People are becoming more and more acclimatized to video alongside news content. If we don’t anticipate the demand and prepare to supply, it could be the biggest mistake “news” has made since putting up all our content for free online.

Image by Cinemin Swivel

Image by Cinemin Swivel


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