If it’s good enough for CNN, it’s good enough for us

Posted: October 6, 2009 in News Videography
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By way of Advancing the Story, Deb Wenger shared that CNN is hiring “all-platform journalists” to expand their coverage in ten U.S. cities. They’ve already found someone to fill the job here in Minneapolis. (Otherwise I’d apply!)

I met CNN’s Victor Hernandez, director of coverage, at the Society of Professional Journalists National Convention in Atlanta in 2008 and he was bragging up these postions back then. It’s surprising to hear that they haven’t filled them all due to a lack of candidates with the right combination of skills.

But, that brings me to my point. CNN is looking for the same qualities that will be required of all of us in the news business, big and small newspaper alike. I’d say “strong editorially, technically superior, on-air presence, exceptional mindset” isn’t really going to be asking too much of our journalists in the coming years. Restricting oneself to a single medium seems short sighted and old-fashioned.

I hope you’re busy honing your multimedia skills!


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