BOOK REVIEW: Multimedia Journal

Posted: October 13, 2009 in News Videography, Photography
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Multimedia Journal by Richard Koci Hernandez

Multimedia Journal by Richard Koci Hernandez

I’ve been following Richard Koci Hernandez’s Multimedia Shooter blog for a couple of years now and recently ran across his book “Multimedia Journal” self-published on

Richard is a national Emmy award winning multimedia producer who worked as a
photographer at the San Jose Mercury News for 15 years. He’s now teaching multimedia at the University of California, Berkeley. I asked if could review his book for the blog as I’m always eager to consume any text or tutorials on my craft.

But, Multimedia Journal turned out to be different from most of what I’d read out there before. Instead of step-by-step instructions or recommendations for gear or technique, Richard’s book is a work in multimedia inspiration. I’ve watched a few of the interviews conducted by The Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) and it’s no surprise based on Richard’s perspective on mulitmedia that he excels in inspiring multimedia experimentation. This book is a guide to that experimentation.

He infuses the book with his philosophy: be a student, not the professional. His first section contains exersices such as starting a journal, a vlog, or becoming a mini-documentarian. The text is saturated with tips on releasing your creative storytelling potential as well as artsy photos and lists of digital (online sources) and analog (printed sources) resources & examples.

The book’s organization is a bit unorthodox, but what do you expect from a mulitmedia creativity manifesto? Sections include:

  • Start a journal
  • Start a vlog
  • Make mini-movies
  • Don’t Forget the Audio
  • Go viral
  • Conclusion

This 60-pager is a great addition any collection of multimedia guidebooks. Rarely do multimedia texts have so much fun and take so much liberty to inspire. Definitely check it out. Heck, be sure to take it out with you where ever you find yourself and when the creativity isn’t flowing, open it up.

Also, follow Richard on his blog and twitter (koci) to soak up all the other great tips, links, advice and news.


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