Magic mouse makes video editing a snap

Posted: November 5, 2009 in News Videography
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Uh-oh it's Magic!

Uh-oh it's Magic!

I picked up Apple’s new wireless “Magic Mouse“. I was sold on the same “finger swipe” technology of the iPod Touch/iPhone variety. It’s turned out to be a great purchase, especially when it comes to interfacing with Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.

The ability to swipe backward/forward and side to side helps me navigate through timelines, the media browser and scrub video in the viewer with even greater ease than the Mighty Mouse. Best of all, the smooth surface will always work whereas I’ve manage to gum up the track ball in my Mighty Mouse on more than one occasion due to moisture on my finger (and occasionally pizza sauce while *gasp* eating and working!)


It works pretty much the same as the Mighty Mouse by swiping left or right, up or down, except that much more effortlessly, responsively and accurately. I also like setting the Magic Mouse to “scroll with momentum” in the system preferences. This allows me to swipe fast across or along the mouse (or flick it) and the screen will move quickly and slowly drift to a stop. This makes navigating along a lengthy timeline extremely easy.

The Magic Mouse runs $69.99, but is well worth the investment for any video editor.

  1. Tom Poch says:

    I just picked one up. I found an open box at Best Buy for $10 off. Its much lighter than the old wireless mighty mouse that I’ve been using. I think I’m going to like this!

  2. In the File Section of you can download everything you need to create your videos and go even further. Only direct ftp links. Just google for Aries-Films, its like goldmine for video editors…

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