Digital Quill focuses on photographers

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Multimedia Journalism, News Videography, Photography
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This month’s issue of the Society of Professional Journalists magazine, Quill, is all about the changes affecting news photographers in the digital age. I also happen to have a column in this month’s issue.

The column in which I make my Quill editorial debut is the digital media toolbox, a spot available to the committee members on SPJ’s National Digital Media Committee. (Lucky us) Each issue, we try to share tips, tricks and tidbits about multimedia journalism. (You can also read a plethora of these tips and tricks on our blog—NetWorked)

When asked to draft up something for this issue, I wanted to address newspaper photographers who have yet to make a foray into news videography with those fancy new DSLRs that shoot HD video. I was also asked to create a tutorial video to accompany the online version of the magazine. You can check out the article here and watch the video above.

If you’re a news photographer, be sure to check out Digital Quill online.


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