Smartphones for Dummies

Posted: May 10, 2014 in General Videography, Uncategorized
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Smartphones cost way too much to be used just to text, call, surf and email. In this presentation for the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits annual technology and communication conference, I showed how your Smartphone can be used to create stunning photographs and sophisticated videos worthy of representing your organization. In plain English, I demonstrate how your Smartphone can be used to create rich multimedia content and shave hours (and dollars) off your social media “to do” list. Don’t fear your smartphone. Master it!

  1. Sheryl says:

    (Archetype base by L7ooccy) my beau LOVES smarties, how ccould i convey him a giant star
    ane of them. or just about former immense chocolate/ collation.I Enjoy THIS IDEA!!! should engage you to an model of how somebody made a giant smartie Trade good Fortune if you decide to do it, and hold
    indisputable you hold adequate thrust and clip.I made
    it the nighttime earlier and got reeal in a bad way when his capitulum savage polish
    off Managed to hold open it though xx

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