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The iPad is a photographer and videographer’s best friend. Not only is it an amazing digital and interactive portfolio device, but the applications for video producers are constantly expanding. Here are nine that have saved me money while serving a production need.

1. ProPrompter ($9.99)

This app turns your iPad (or iPhone) into a teleprompter. Just be sure to use it properly. You have to place the iPad directly under the camera lens, then position the person reading the teleprompter far enough away from the camera that it doesn’t look like they’re looking below the lens. If they’re too close to the camera, it will be very evident they’re staring below the lens. Find the app here.

2. iMovie ($4.99)

iMovie was engineered to work well on the iPad for basic home movie making. You’ll be able to add transitions, cut clips down and add text. However, adding layers of video is not possible with this app. If you’re making a simple video such as an interview or demo video or home movie of your kids, it’s a great app. Find the app here.

3. Cinemek Storyboard Composer ($14.99)

Cinemek offers a pricy, but very effective storyboarding app. Good video production planning is essential to having a quality final video. This app will help you lay out the scenes, dialog and camera angles and much more. Find the app here.

4. Voice memos (free)

This app is pre-loaded on iPads and iPhones and has been one of my go-to apps for voice recording on the go. I’ve always been impressed with the sound quality and have used the iPad app on several professional projects for voice over work. Just be sure to record with the mic close to your mouth and in a perfectly quiet space.

5. Pinnacle Studio ($12.99)

Editing more complicated videos on your iPad is now possible with the amazing little app. I won’t go into all the features, but you can watch Luma Touch’s video tutorials. Prepare to be amazed! Find the app here.

6. iSupr8 ($1.99)

Want to record some video clips with that signature Super 8 film look? This handy app gives you vintage looking video with the iPad or iPhone to use in your productions. Find the app here.

7. iFilmSlate ($2.99)

If you’re filming a scene that requires multiple takes, you’ll be grateful for this app. Use iFilmSlate to mark your clips on camera as you are filming so when you get into post-production you have a visual cue for each take. Find the app here.

8. ASMP Releases (free)

If you’re producing your videos for commercial or promotional use, you always need to have release forms for the people in your video. The American Society of Media Photographers has created this handy app for creating release forms. Find the app here.

9. JotNot Signature+ ($4.99)

If you have a .pdf or other document that needs to be signed (photo or video release forms) you can use this app to carry them around with you on your iPad or iPhone on every shoot. Then, just have the person sign the form with their finger and even email them a copy. Find the app here.